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EL POCITO: an off-grid smallholding in SW Spain

Spain - Almonaster la Real, Huelva, Spain

  • EL POCITO: an off-grid smallholding in SW Spain
EL POCITO: an off-grid smallholding in S...

  • Bedrooms   Bedrooms 0
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  • Land   Land 6.2a/2.5ha
  • EPC   EPC N/A


I am originally from London (Sydenham/ Dulwich), except my heart, for as long as I can remember, has always been elsewhere, deep in a way of life which disappeared well before I was born (which in itself was a very long time ago), before money and technology became more important than anything else.  That instinct was so embedded I dedicated my life to seeing if such a way could still exist, working and saving, bit-by-bit moving further and further away from the conventional, until nineteen years ago (2000) my partner and I set off to explore the wilder and more remote parts of Iberia & Canada.  First in a van we had converted, then occupying a succession of “tiny” and very basic shelters.  Until finally, nine years later, we found the one place that fulfilled all our dreams, where we settled and built our cosy off-grid “tiny” home, amidst six acres of what will become a forest garden, in a forgotten corner of SW Andalucia/ Portugal.

A full description of this transformation can be found on my site:, including both of Maureen’s books about our journey (free to download), my blogs/ pages/ and videos. 

Sadly though, after 35 wonderful years together, my partner died in 2013.  That was a really tough thing to come to terms with, that is until I met the woman who changed everything.  She has a life in Shetland, so very reluctantly I am selling El Pocito to join her there.  If you are interested, the asking price is 125,000 euros but considerably less for a speedy completion (by the end of May) with the buyer taking on the conveyancing, or will swap for a property in Shetland.  All the best, Phil.

Tel: +34 633 731 906
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