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Large estate dedicated to equestrian sports

Hungary - Izsák

PRICE: €2,100,000

LandLand148.2a / 60ha
Equine FacilitiesEquine Facilities
Business OpportunityBusiness Opportunity
Energy Performance CertificateEPCB


Huge riding areas, forests and fields, streams and lakes, equestrian traditions spanning generations, a love of horses and riding!
Our fully equipped estate and event centre is ready to grow, to realize the largest equestrian centre in the area, or even the new owner’s own ideas, and even to create something new, something unique!

The estate is located in the immediate vicinity of the hundreds of square kilometres of Kiskunság National Park, in a continuous connection on about 60 hectares, completely fenced, suitable for independent operation and management. Equestrian centre, where the main trend is western riding, mating and training of western horses. Our horses are highly trained, with a focus on reining and trail.

The ranch is still in operation, with an average occupancy rate of 75%. Highly trained horses, outdoor and indoor tracks are available for guests, and horseback riding is possible in the Kiskunság National Park for hundreds of square kilometres.

Why choose our property for real estate investing?
The size of the area means a wide range of possibilities! With the expansion of the hospitality capacity, we can expect a spectacular increase in profits. The space is huge. The horse stock, service staff, and all available conditions are professional. We increase the number of guests, with it the profit jumps. This requires a new farmer, a new approach, a range of additional accommodation, and even the expansion of services, the targeted injection of new energy and working capital! On the buyers request the current circle of owners will provide the knowledge and experience necessary for the operation of the property for another year and a half, even after the sale, while retaining a nominal share of ownership, guaranteeing successful development and security of the investment!

The value of the area is not in question, as such a large area, such equipment and such opportunities are rarely put together in one place, at the same time! Anyone who has ever tasted the construction and management of an estate knows exactly how much work, how much effort and how long it takes to create a unified and functioning sports and hospitality unit that, after many hardships and sweats, is finally a joy and a success while also benefitting its owner.
We are now providing an exceptional opportunity through the sale of our real estate complex, with which a horse and leisure centre could be created in the middle of the Hungarian plain, in a relatively short time, even unique in Europe as a whole!

If you are interested, we are at your disposal! Before visiting the property in person, we can provide more information, show additional pictures and of course we organize the property tour on request.