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20000m2 land with olive trees in full production
Spain - Maella 50710

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  • Land   Land 4.9 a/2.0h
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Just on the market is 2 hectares, about 20,000m2 with hundreds of olive trees in full production, comprising of 13 terraces high up with beautiful views, possibility to build a stone house of 200-300m2 and the stone is readily available. Bought before November it has the benefit of the years crop of Empeltre olives which are the small black variety and are known as the "King of Olives", this finca has been lovingly attended to by the owner and his family before him, it is fairly near to the village of Maella 50710 in the area known as Moscarts, on Google Earth you can see clearly "Camino Moscarts".

To own this finca you do not need to know very much and the owner will still be around to help if required. There is no electric power in the area but all use solar and a gas fridge, the road either way is in good condition in the whole of the valley and either the individual owners help to keep it in good condition or the local council pass from time to time with a machine, either way you do not need a 4x4. There are owners from France, Britain and Nederlands in the area but all are well spaced apart. Water is free either drinking, washing, watering and you can choose to collect or have it delivered.

If you have interest then send a message, DO NOT message if you have no money and no intent to buy, you will need an NIE(tax number) and after that you are free to do as you please. No money will be accepted prior to a formal visit which can be any hour on any day of the week, the owner requires 48 hours notice, no agent is involved and you pay the owner at the notary on completion of all papers, if you think you need a lawyer one is opposite the notary and can do all that you require.

The price is fixed