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Beekeeping - the road to recovery

We heard this inspiring story of how bees have helped Miles recover from serious medical issues. He's currently looking for a location he can rent to set up a facility to help others to start on the road to better health. Do you have a spare few acres and a barn on your farm or smallholding that he might use? Not only would you greatly help Miles, the bees would be a positive benefit to your local environment. Send us a message via the Contact Form and we'll pass it on to him.


My name is Miles, at 27 I suffered a stroke. Sadly a day later while in hospital, a spinal procedure went wrong and I now suffer with a degenerative spinal condition. This can make mobility hard at times and leaves me in chronic pain on a daily basis. I have also suffered with depression most of my life, and like others suffering, we end up existing instead of living.

Miles and his beesOver the years I lost many of the things that most people take for granted each day. Such as, self esteem, confidence, a social life, friends, relationships and communication skills. Most of all for me was the loss of control in all aspects of daily life.

A number of years ago, while recovering and living in Suffolk. I was lucky enough to have the friendship of an older gentleman, both wise and very helpful. We met while I was back and forth to hospital appointments. He helped with everything, from advice to practical hands on skills he'd acquired over his many years. He was an avid beekeeper and after spending time watching and learning from him, I also caught the bug of beekeeping as it we're.

I began beekeeping initially as a hobby, to give me something to do again and as something that would show me I am able to achieve on a daily basis.
This is so important when dealing with depression as you feel like you cant do anything right.
However with beekeeping, I am able to help manage and control a colony of some 50,000+ bees and help them to flourish and thrive.

If I can help the bees to do that, they can also help me, in returning the control I had lost suffering with my mental and physical disabilities. The process of beekeeping is such a therapeutic one and allows you to feel like you can cope with life and all it's obstacles.

Studies for this are currently very few, with most of the research being done in the USA and Germany. However there are details I have found, of a hospital for mentally ill patients in the Republic of Ireland. They are showing great benefits to patients and there lives. Please have a look at this link for details of the project they started  




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