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Frequently asked Questions

The site isn't displaying properly?

If you have any ad blocking software, try turning it off. It may be mistaking the property pictures for adverts and hiding them.

Do I need to register?

Only if you want to add an advert, either a property for Sale/Rent or a Wanted advert. You can reply to an advert or use the Email a Friend service without registering.

I can't login!

When you first register we'll immediately send you two emails. One with a link you need to click to confirm your email address, the second is a welcome email. If you haven't confirmed your email address you won't be able to login. Please check your spam folder in case one of the emails has got stuck in there. If you still haven't received the emails contact us.

How do I add an advert?

It's really easy and the steps are outlined on the advertise page.

Can I advertise any type of property?

Our only criteria is that it must have or be a minimum of 1/4 acre (0.1ha) of land. Examples of which are smallholdings, farms, eco sites, country houses, equestrian properties, livery yards, cottages, caravan sites, holiday complexes, lifestyle properties, development sites, barn conversions, kennels, catteries, woodland, grazing land and arable land.

What is a registered smallholding?

It's a myth. It doesn't exist. In the UK if you wish to keep certain types of animals e.g. sheep, goats, pigs, cattle or you want to claim on any farming subsidies you will need to apply for a CPH number. The County Parish Holding is a nine digit number which uniquely identifies the location. When a property or land changes hands the new owner/tenant will need to request a new CPH number. The 'registered smallholding' is just sales speak.

Why is Land House Farm free?

The site was created out of our own frustration when searching for properties with land. We wanted to do it differently and we want to keep it free!

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If you have instructed an estate agent, you can still list your property with Land House Farm.

If you have signed a 'Sole Agency' agreement (the most common in the UK), you are still entitled to sell your property privately and no agent fees would be due.
Land House Farm is a classifieds advertising site and selling your property via it counts as a private sale.

If you have signed a 'Sole Selling Rights' contract, your agent would still be due their commission on any sale no matter where it came from.

Of course, you may prefer your agent handles all the enquiries and viewings, in which case just credit the agent in the advert details and use their contact details.

Estate agents

If you are an estate agent with properties you would like to advertise contact us. There are no fees but we have specific pages to help add your adverts.

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