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Advert Tips for the best photos and details of your smallholding or property

Remember the old adage - a picture is worth a thousand words. Not everyone has access to a fantastic camera but there here are some hints to help make the best of your pictures.

Natural light is best - If you have big windows, open all curtains and try not to take pictures when the sun is low. Use room lights with care so as not to make a room look glaring.

Tidy and arrange the room nicely. Perhaps place chairs or personal items to enhance to room and remove uneccessary items to another room whilst you take your pictures.

Kneel down and move to a corner where you can make the best use of what you can see through the lense of the camera and try and use a room feature to focus on, ie a fireplace.

Maybe take a close up picture of a nice period feature to add interest.

Take lots of pictures with small adjustments and different angles. Once they are loaded onto your computer, even small changes in arrangement can make a big difference and give a great photo.

For outside pictures

Try to pick a sunny day as fields will look greener and there will be more contrast in the pictures overall.

Look at how your house or buildings are positioned - what's behind them? Do you want to include that in the picture? Then once you've decided which side you want to take the photo, wait until the sun has moved to allow most light and least shadows for that view.

The middle of the day is best to minimise any long shadows.

If the sun is low, take your picture with the sun behind you to avoid shadows. Try not to include a shadow of yourself in your picture!

Absolutely, don't use old photos on your advert. There is nothing more depressing than travelling for hours to view a property which appears to have tidy outbuildings and facilities to arrive and find that the buildings are falling down and the facilites and overgrown with weeds. The same applies to the house. If you have repainted a room then take a new photo.

Look critically through each picture before you add them to your advert.

Once you have written about the main rooms in the house. Have a good think about the other parts of your property. You may be using a barn as stables, but what else could it be used for? There may be some really obvious examples which you could use to give your potential viewers ideas. You may have some hardstanding which could be used for winter turnout for horses? You may have a large building which could be a base for a business or potential as extra accomodation? Properties with land are bought by people who use them in so many different ways. As the current owner, you have the local knowledge to give any other useful info on your advert to help attract a diverse audience.

Good luck!

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